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6 Steps To Live A Holistic Abundant, Happy & Contented Life!

Learn how to remove mental blocks, increase mindfulness & launch a new you in 90 days.

Hi! I’m Utthan Mehta…

Hi! I’m Utthan Mehta… I have suffered from depression, anxiety and OCD. A teacher turned life coach. Being a spiritually grounded minimalist, I'm on a mission to redefine your lifestyle, by creating "Holistic Abundance" in all aspects of the life of early middle age men. I founded the "Holistic Abundance Hub" in 2022. Today, we have many paid members in our community. I am also the creator of the “Holistic Abundance Formula” and many more courses.

Holistic Abundance

85% of early middle age men are going through stress, tension, depression etc. My mission is to help them getting Holistic Growth in their life using mindfulness and many other techniques.

 Life Coaching

Being an "Internationally Certified Life Coach" I help early middle age men to achieve mental, emotional, spiritual, physical & financial growth i.e. Holistic Growth.

Holistic Abundance Hub

I founded "Holistic Abundance Hub" in the year 2022 to help early middle aged men to achieve Holistic Growth & Prosperity in their life.

Holistic Abundance Hub

We are giving a new perspective to live your life.

Access The Power Of Breathing Techniques

Use the power of Breathing Techniques to achieve peace and prosperity in your life.

Achieve Mindfulness

Access the power of Mindfulness to achieve growth in every field of your life.

Adopt Art Of Thinking Rich

We become what we think about” Explore the power of thinking rich and get abundance in your life.

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater your abundant life needs attend my next webinar to learn more and get started with new perspective of your new life


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